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Disambiguous.png This article is about in-game keys, used to open chests. For information about the 25-digit key code used to activate an account, see access key. For the location Mehtani Keys, see Mehtani Keys.


Keys are used to unlock chests across the world.

Keys are named based on the geographic region where they are bought, found, or used; they can only open chests from that region. For example, Ascalonian Keys will only open Ascalonian Chests. The value of keys increase as one progresses in the game, as does the value of the items found in the chests they unlock.

Keys of the same type will stack.

Note: There are no keys or locked chests in Pre-Searing.


Keys may only be used once, meaning players will have to gamble that the items found inside a particular chest will either be useful to them, or have a higher resale value than the key. Because of this risk, when you click on a chest, a confirmation message will pop up asking whether you are sure that you want to use a key to open it.

Each member of an exploring party will have to use their own key to open each chest, however, the items found from chests are not shared across the party. A chest opened by a player cannot be opened again by the same player.

Note: Updates since the release of Nightfall have made the Rarity of items in chests random for each player. Before the Update if a player opened a chest and the item was gold, it would be gold for all players who opened that same chest. Now it is random and just because one player received a gold out of the chest it will not guarantee that you will receive one.


Value of Loot

While the keys are guaranteed to produce purple items or gold items, it is not guaranteed that these items will be perfect or have maximum statistics. In general, the key itself is worth more than the item produced from the chest if the item was sold back to the merchant. For example, a Shiverpeak Key costs 600 Gold but on average produces items that are worth 200-300 Gold to a merchant. The real value is that in identifying an item, it might unlock upgrades or turn out to have maximum statistics (which can then be used or sold to other players for a lot more than selling to a merchant). In most cases, if you find expensive keys during quick farming runs, it would be more profitable to sell those keys to other players or to a merchant, rather than finding a chest in the region and opening it.

The value of items produced from chests is directly proportional to the value of the keys. Gold items found from chests unlocked with Obsidian Keys will be near perfect in their statistics, while those unlocked by a Krytan Key may not even have maximum damage.

The keys themselves can be sold for half their price to all merchants.

List of Keys



Zaishen Key.png Zaishen Key
= 5,000 Balthazar Faction
= 5 tournament reward points
Isle of the Nameless
Phantom Key.png Phantom Key (750 Gold)
The Underworld
Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Obsidian Key.png Obsidian Key (1 Platinum 250 Gold)
The Fissure of Woe
Lockpick.png Lockpick (1 Platinum 500 Gold)
= 1 Platinum 200 Gold at Discount Merchants


Ascalonian Key.png Ascalonian Key (50 Gold)
Steel Key.png Steel Key (80 Gold)
Northern Shiverpeaks
Krytan Key.png Krytan Key (200 Gold)
Maguuma Key.png Maguuma Key (300 Gold)
Maguuma Jungle
Elonian Key.png Elonian Key (450 Gold)
Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Key.png Shiverpeak Key (600 Gold)
Southern Shiverpeaks
Darkstone Key.png Darkstone Key (600 Gold)
Ring of Fire Islands
Miner's Key.png Miner's Key (750 Gold)
Sorrow's Furnace


Shing Jea Key.png Shing Jea Key (80 Gold)
Shing Jea Island
Canthan Key.png Canthan Key (450 Gold)
Kaineng City
Kurzick Key.png Kurzick Key (600 Gold)
= 3 Equipment Requisitions
= 480 Gold at Kurzick Merchant
Echovald Forest
Stoneroot Key.png Stoneroot Key (1 Platinum 250 Gold)
= 5 Equipment Requisitions
Urgoz's Warren
Luxon Key.png Luxon Key (600 Gold)
= 3 Luxon Totems
= 480 Gold at Luxon Merchant
The Jade Sea
Deep Jade Key.png Deep Jade Key (1 Platinum 250 Gold)
= 5 Luxon Totems
The Deep
Forbidden Key.png Forbidden Key (600 Gold)
= 3 Imperial Commendations
Raisu Palace


Istani Key.png Istani Key (80 Gold)
= 1 Battle Commendation
Kournan Key.png Kournan Key (450 Gold)
= 3 Kournan Coins
Vabbian Key.png Vabbian Key (600 Gold)
= 3 Trade Contracts
Ancient Elonian Key.png Ancient Elonian Key (600 Gold)
= 3 Ancient Artifacts
The Desolation
Margonite Key.png Margonite Key (750 Gold)
= 3 Inscribed Secrets
Realm of Torment, Nightfallen Garden
Demonic Key.png Demonic Key1 (1 Platinum 250 Gold)
= 5 Inscribed Secrets
Domain of Anguish
Keys for high-end chests count for the Treasure Hunter title track.

1 The Demonic Key was named Stygian Key until Dec 5th, 2006.

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