Kimmes The Historian
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 2


Kimmes is an NPC that allows you to switch your Hall of Monuments between character-specific view and account-wide view.



"The Hall of Monuments is an amazing testament to the power of its creators. I journeyed here from Ascalon to study this mysterious structure and document the deeds being recorded within by adventurers such as you. My research in this area has led to the discovery and restoration of magics long dormant within the Hall which allows you to reliably manipulate the version it chooses to display for you. You can even view the accomplishments for an entire group of related adventurers at once!"
Accept: "Show me my Account's accomplishments." (If the character's current Hall of Monuments is character based)
"Consider it done."
Accept: "Show me my personal accomplishments." (If the character's current Hall of Monuments is account based)
"Consider it done."
Reject: "I'll be on my way."


Can change your Hall of Monuments to display either account's or individual character's achievements.

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