Kodonur Crossroads
Kodonur Crossroads
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kourna
Dejarin Estate, Jahai Bluffs,
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon

For information on the mission, see Kodonur Crossroads (mission).


At the crossroads of Kodonur, no one will speak ill of Warmarshal Varesh; her tight control over trade has made the merchants here rich. Come for the bargains, stay for the excellent security measures. Just don't get too rowdy, or you may find yourself on the receiving end of Varesh's famed law and order.

The location icon on the world map changes from the outpost icon to the mission location icon after completion of the Centaur Blackmail quest.

Getting there

The primary quest Centaur Blackmail will conclude here. Kodonur Crossroads is at the southeastern end of Jahai Bluffs.





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