Korr, Living Flame
Species: Djinn
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24(30)


Korr, Living Flame is a dangerous Immolated Djinn boss found in Turai's Procession. Be warned when taking henchmen, since they love to bunch together, the skills Searing Flames and Liquid Flame can be devastating to the team, which can easily wipe out bunched groups in little time. His group may also contain Stone Shard Crags which use Sandstorm, taking out your team even faster.


Korrlivingflame map location

Boss location

Skills used

Items dropped


  • Because of Korr's fast casting rate, Backfire and Pain Inverter can be especially useful in taking Korr down.
  • If a single character is meleeing Korr with all other characters out of range, it will simply attack and not use any of its powerful spells.
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