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Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Region
Part of: Elona
Istan, The Desolation, Vabbi
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The province of Kourna is eternally ready for war. Military historians analyze the great battles that have taken place here: the epic conflicts of Primeval Kings, the desperate efforts to unite the land in the Shattered Dynasty Era, and of course, Turai Ossa’s defeat of Palawa Joko near the Grand Cataract at Jahai. For centuries, Kourna has had a military government, and its leaders have been direct descendents of Warmarshal Turai Ossa. Inspired by his example, Kournans revere loyalty, patriotism, a strong sense of duty, and dedication to military service. Not every Kournan is a soldier, but farmers laboring in the fields and crafters slaving in workshops know the value of a safe and secure province. The strength of the state depends on loyalty to its leaders. Pacified Centaur laborers add to the province’s muscle. Typical Kournan dedication drives citizens to work hard for prosperity—in fact, the entire nation relies on the province’s agriculture and handiwork. Kournan adventurers go to war secure in the knowledge that their swords are well-tempered and their armor well-made, forged as surely as the soldiers who wield them.





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