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Kournan Noble
Kournan Noble Male.jpgKournan Noble Female.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Kournan Nobles can be found in various locations throughout the region. They have no real purpose other than to add more atmosphere and realism to the game.



After completing Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission):

"Demons! War! Peasants allowed to speak their minds! The world is a terrible nightmare."
"Warmarshal Varesh has gone into the Desolation. My prayers go with her."
"With Istan and Vabbi in turmoil, only Kourna stands as a bastion of civilization."
"With Varesh gone, I'll finally have a chance to really rule...if it weren't for those blasted demons."
"Wretched refugees. Get out of my way."

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"End of the world bargains! Everything must go."
"I must say, at least business is good."
"I won't let those Sunspears get the best of me...or of Kourna!"
"Varesh controlled these demons. If the rumors are true, and she truly is dead, then we're all doomed."
"Where is Varesh? Surely you don't believe those awful rumors..."

After completing Abaddon's Gate (mission):

"Don't you think I would make a wonderful Warmarshal."
"I cannot feed my family. The supplies were all eaten by the troops or destroyed. What will we do?"
"I can't talk now. The caravan is leaving. I have to get out of Kourna before the Istani invade."
"Istani troops are on the border, hungry for war."
"Varesh will return. You shall see."