The Krait are a race of aggressive, semi-intelligent shapeshifters which resemble snakes with arms or wings. They are encountered along the Tarnished Coast.

Known sub-types

Region Type Collectable Drop
Tarnished Coast Warrior-icon-small 18-20 (25) Krait Neoss1

Warrior-icon-small 20-24 (26) Krait Neoss
Monk-icon-small 20 (26) Krait Devouss
Necromancer-icon-small 20-24 (26) Krait Necross
Mesmer-icon-small 20-24 (26) Krait Hypnoss
Elementalist-icon-small 20-24 (26) Krait Arcanoss

Krait Skin
  1. Lower-level Neosses use Metamorphosis to transform into one of the higher-level krait types.

For an alphabetical list of all krait, including bosses, see Category:Krait.



  • Krait is the common name for snakes of the genus Bungarus, found in India and southeast Asia. (While the real-word plural form of krait is "kraits", the plural used by Guild Wars in-game text is "krait".)
  • The names of the various krait are slight variations on words from classical Greek and Latin.
    • Arcanoss ← arcanus (L) — "secret"
    • Devouss ← devovere (L) — "to vow"
    • Hypnoss ← hypnos (G) — "sleep"
    • Necross ← nekros (G) — "corpse"
    • Neoss ← neo (G) — "new"

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