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Kunvie Firewing
Kurvie Firewing.jpg
Species: Dragon
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 28
Kunvie Firewing Location.jpg


Kunvie Firewing is a Saltspray Dragon boss. She is accompanied by a few other dragons and the three of them can pack quite a punch.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • If the party has henchmen, it's very important to force them to move frequently. Her elementalist damage can wipe out a clumped group of henchmen rather quickly.
  • There are several patrols and one group of hidden Oni in the area that are all not immediately obvious; if you go for the boss too quickly you can find yourself in trouble. A second group of Oni and a second group of Dragons may appear after you engage the boss.
  • If wiped, the party will always respawn near the entrance portal, meaning you have to run back all the way.
  • Kunvie is near the end of the spiral. Reaching and killing him means killing most of the enemies in this zone, bringing you close to a vanquish.