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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

Lady Althea
Species: Human/Ghost
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 5

Lady Althea, Pre-Searing

Lady Althea is Duke Barradin's daughter, an elegant lady of noble descent and a tantalizing Mesmer and performer. She is also Prince Rurik's betrothed and it is hinted that their wedding is very near.

She is also a profession trainer for Mesmers.

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"Hail and hello. How can this humble Mesmer help you?"

Lady Althea, Post-Searing

After the Searing, this rosy picture was shattered. Though she survived the Searing itself, two years after it, Lady Althea was kidnapped by the Charr, causing her father to lead a desperate, and ultimately unsuccessful, rescue charge into the Breach to locate her. It was later discovered that she was brutally burned alive in the Flame Temple Corridor as a sacrifice to the Charr gods.

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"Hail, hero. My name is Althea, or 'twas in life... I wonder how my beloved Rurik fares. How I miss him...
Is there something in particular you wish to know about?"


  • She appears to be wearing a unique variant of Elite Noble armor for Mesmers. Koro Sagewind's appearance seems to be based on her.


  • Althea is a latinization of the Greek name, "Althaia", which is a name of a healing herb.