Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions.

Legendary Canthan heroes are past great heroes of Cantha who have monuments erected for them inside Tahnnakai Temple. The Emperor of Cantha (and anyone he deems qualified) can commune with the spirits of those heroes at these shrines and ask them for insight and advice.

The following is a list of those heroes:

  1. Mesmer-icon-small Kitah
  2. Necromancer-icon-small Naku
  3. Elementalist-icon-small Teinai
  4. Monk-icon-small Karei
  5. Warrior-icon-small Jaizhanju
  6. Ranger-icon-small Zojun
  7. Ritualist-icon-small Kaolai
  8. Ritualist-icon-small Master Togo
  9. Assassin-icon-small Vizu
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