Lion Mask
Type: Festival hat
Event: Canthan New Year

The Lion Mask is a festival hat that is given out by the annual Celestial creatures when they visit Shing Jea Monastery during the finale of the Canthan New Year festivals. Players in each district must supply all the ingredients that the chefs ask for to complete the dishes for the celestial creature's feast.

Lion Mask gallery

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Lion Mask gray front Lion Mask gray back Lion Mask gray side
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Colorable areas

Dyed green

Lion Mask dyed front Lion Mask dyed back Lion Mask dyed side
Front Back Profile

Dye chart

The Lion Mask is dyed red by default.

  • Note: Silver has the effect of dulling the colors on the mask, as opposed to brightening them up on many other armors.


  • The lion mask is an actual item used during Chinese New Year. Martial artists dress in lion outfits (including the mask) and perform a traditional lion dance to welcome the new year and bring good luck to the community.
  • This is the only event headgear that has been given out on more than one occasion.
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