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A member of the Lionguard patrols the city of Lion's Arch

The Lionguard were once the elite guards of the the kingdom of Kryta, entrusted with the protection of the royal family and the city of Lion's Arch. Since the White Mantle became the ruling power in Kryta, the role of the Lionguard has been greatly reduced. Many among the Lionguard long to restore the glory of the past.

The Lionguard still worship the Old Gods and protect those that share their beliefs. This earns them the contempt of the White Mantle. They are now limited to policing the city of Lion's Arch and the surrounding countryside, though the White Mantle continue to exert an oppressive influence, as seen in the quest The Hot Springs Murders.

The leader of the Lionguard is called Firstwatch. The present leader is Firstwatch Sergio.

A list of some Lionguard NPCs:

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