1. Search Sunqua Vale for Ronsu.

Obtained From

Headmaster Vhang in Shing Jea Monastery



"My powers are quite over your head, I am afraid. You should search Sunqua Vale and find my underling, Ronsu. He is the perfect choice to begin your training in the elemental arts, since his skill is minimal at best."

Reward Dialogue

"So "Headmaster" Vhang sent you, eh? Well, you are quite lucky that he did. He is hardly the Elementalist he would like us all to think he is. If he could fight half as well as he speaks, perhaps he would deserve his title. Well, enough about Vhang. This is about you, now. I am Ronsu, and you are here to learn. What do you say we get started?"

Followup quest

Spark of Interest


In Sunqua Vale, follow the quest marker southwest. Ronsu is inside a small compound enclosed by stone walls.


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