This article lists all locations in the Prophecies campaign by the following tree structure.


CityIcon sml Town
ArenaIcon sml Arena
GuildHallIcon sml Guild Hall
OutpostIcon sml Outpost
MissionIcon sml Mission
POI Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found under: Locations (by Type)


Pre-Searing Ascalon

OutpostIcon sml Ascalon City
POI Ascalon Academy
OutpostIcon sml Ashford Abbey
POI Ashford Village
OutpostIcon sml The Barradin Estate
OutpostIcon sml Foible's Fair
OutpostIcon sml Fort Ranik
POI Piken Square

Post-Searing Ascalon

CityIcon sml Ascalon City
ArenaIcon sml Ascalon Arena
MissionIcon sml The Great Northern Wall
OutpostIcon sml Sardelac Sanitarium
POI Hammer Gate
MissionIcon sml Fort Ranik
POI King's Watch
OutpostIcon sml Frontier Gate
MissionIcon sml Ruins of Surmia
POI Ruins of Surmia
POI Ruins of Drascir
OutpostIcon sml Serenity Temple
OutpostIcon sml Piken Square
OutpostIcon sml Grendich Courthouse
MissionIcon sml Nolani Academy
POI Ruins of Rin
POI Ruins of Nolani

Shiverpeak Mountains

Northern Shiverpeak Mountains

OutpostIcon sml Yak's Bend
ArenaIcon sml Shiverpeak Arena
MissionIcon sml Borlis Pass
POI Maladar's Fort
POI Krok's Hollow
POI Grooble's Gulch
OutpostIcon sml Ice Tooth Cave
MissionIcon sml The Frost Gate
OutpostIcon sml Beacon's Perch

Southern Shiverpeak Mountains

OutpostIcon sml Camp Rankor
OutpostIcon sml Deldrimor War Camp
CityIcon sml Droknar's Forge
MissionIcon sml Ice Caves of Sorrow
OutpostIcon sml Port Sledge
OutpostIcon sml Marhan's Grotto
MissionIcon sml Thunderhead Keep
OutpostIcon sml Copperhammer Mines
MissionIcon sml Iron Mines of Moladune
OutpostIcon sml The Granite Citadel


Eastern Kryta

MissionIcon sml Gates of Kryta
CityIcon sml Lion's Arch
Lion's Gate
MissionIcon sml D'Alessio Seaboard
POI Temple of Tolerance
POI Hakewood
POI Ascalon Settlement
POI Luxon Settlement
OutpostIcon sml Bergen Hot Springs
OutpostIcon sml Beetletun
POI Nebo Village
POI Kurzick Settlement
MissionIcon sml Divinity Coast
POI Loamhurst
POI Giant's Basin
OutpostIcon sml Temple of the Ages
POI Wizard's Tower
POI Dakutu Village

Southern Kryta

OutpostIcon sml Fishermen's Haven
MissionIcon sml Sanctum Cay
MissionIcon sml Riverside Province

Maguuma Jungle

OutpostIcon sml Druid's Overlook
MissionIcon sml The Wilds
OutpostIcon sml Quarrel Falls
MissionIcon sml Bloodstone Fen
OutpostIcon sml Ventari's Refuge
MissionIcon sml Aurora Glade
CityIcon sml Henge of Denravi
OutpostIcon sml Maguuma Stade
POI Ullen River

Crystal Desert

CityIcon sml The Amnoon Oasis
MissionIcon sml Augury Rock
OutpostIcon sml Heroes' Audience
OutpostIcon sml Destiny's Gorge
MissionIcon sml Dunes of Despair
MissionIcon sml Thirsty River
MissionIcon sml Elona Reach
OutpostIcon sml Seeker's Passage

MissionIcon sml The Dragon's Lair

OutpostIcon sml Tomb of the Primeval Kings

Ring of Fire Islands

OutpostIcon sml Ember Light Camp

MissionIcon sml Ring of Fire
MissionIcon sml Abaddon's Mouth
MissionIcon sml Hell's Precipice

Lore and History Locations

POI Arah
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