Lou, of the Knives
Lou of the Knives
Species: Human
Profession: Assassin
Level(s): 20, 24
Lou Location
His location in Shenzun Tunnels


Lou, of the Knives is an Am Fah Assassin boss. He is the Jade Brotherhood's #1 most wanted member of the Am Fah. He is "wanted" for the killing of twenty-seven members of the Jade Brotherhood, including Lord Jelmini Yaomun.

Lou can be found in Shenzun Tunnels about halfway between Tahnnakai Temple and Sunjiang District. Look for the area where you had to defend Togo, Mhenlo and Nika before being let into Tahnnakai Temple. He is triggered by walking down the stairs into a small sewer full of putrid water, surrounded by Am Fah and Canthan peasants. He is also found during the Deactivating P.O.X. Quest.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • As soon as Lou drops down into the water when spawned beneath the bridge, he will bow before he begins attacking. This is a great chance to rush him and kill him quickly, as he does not have any healers with him.
  • Glitch Update: 1/26/2011: Sometimes does not spawn (If he does not spawn within seconds, go back to town). Very glitchy even when he does spawn, his red dot will appear on radar for around 10 seconds before he descends, Batman style onto the sewer water. Non-line-of-sight skills will hurt him as soon as he appears on radar.
  • Lou might make a batman type attack on you, always be prepared when you go to kill him.
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