Maatu Keep
Maatu Keep
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Outpost
Part of: Kaineng City
Pongmei Valley, Shenzun Tunnels


One of the oldest sections of Kaineng City, Maatu Keep sits at the base of the Qinkaishi Mountains and serves as the city's entry point for both Luxons and Kurzicks. The keep, once a beautiful example of ancient Canthan architecture, has since fallen into neglect and disrepair.

Getting there

From Senji's Corner, exit to the southwest then head southeast through Nahpui Quarter (explorable) and into Shenzun Tunnels. Then head east along the southern wall of Shenzun Tunnels to find Maatu Keep near the end.

The quest The Count's Daughter, acquired from the Emperor's Voice in Zin Ku Corridor, will lead you past the front entrance of Maatu Keep on your way to Kurzick lands.




Maatu Keep

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