Mahk's Son
Mahk's Son
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


This is the son of Mahk, the toy maker.



"No one buys my dad's toys anymore. He says the world's gotten too serious. Can you help us? I can't offer much, but if you have a broken toy, I'm sure my dad could fix it!"

If you have the Broken Toy item in your inventory:

  • What about this broken toy I found?
"Ooh! That's one of my dad's mini gray giants. He told me all about the giant's[sic] of the Gray Oasis when he first made that. They used to collect tribute and slaves from other tribes in the Desolation. But Palawa Joko killed most of them and turned them into undead servants. The undead Gray Giants threw boulders and stomped entire armies when Palawa invaded Elona. My friend says some of the undead giants still roam the Desolation looking for people to stomp. Too bad dad could never get that toy to work. It would be soooo cool!"
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