Majesty's Rest
Majesty rest
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kryta
Talmark Wilderness, Sage Lands
Majesty's Rest map
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Majesty's Rest marks the border between the Maguuma Jungle region and the northern Kryta region. It is a rather small area within which you can find the lair of the undead dragon Rotscale. There also is a statue of Balthazar. The area is visibly divided into two conjoined circles. The western circle has terrain and monsters similar to the higher area of the Jungle while the eastern circle has terrain and monsters similar to Kryta. In several parts of the area swarms of butterflies can be seen. Near the bone dragon island, there is the small shrine where the Scepter of Orr is found in the cut scene at the end of the Gates of Kryta mission.

Exits / Neighbour Areas



Shrine of Balthazar with Rotscale in the back.

Bone Dragon Island

Bone Dragon isle



Boss Like Foes




Skill Capture

Normal Skills:


Majesty's Rest - Vanquished ( tips & Rotscale)

Majesty's Rest vanquished

  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 41-86 monsters in Hard Mode.
    • You can sometimes get credit for the clearing the area by just clearing the east side; sometimes, only popups spawn on the western side.
    • If you leave from Temple of the Ages, your party can include up to eight members (instead of the usual six for Tyria).
    • The Dragon Isle is by far the toughest part to defeat.
    • Many players have found Minion Masters to be less effective in Majesty's Rest than in other nearby areas.
  • Complete exploration of the area adds approximate 0.8% to the Tyrian Cartographer Title.
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