Mantid Nymph
Mantid Nymph
Species: Mantis
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 20


Mantid Nymphs are the Mesmers of the Mantid species, found in the Charr Homelands. They are possessive of a unique "self-resurrection" ability, that sometimes allows them to get up again after seemingly dying, mirroring some species of real-world insects. The ability is quite limited, however, so the Nymphs can be killed once and for all without too much trouble.


Skills used

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  • Mantids in Eye of the North have the innate ability to randomly come back to life after dying. This is not a bug, according to Andrew McLeod, Arenanet's creature designer, and is "intended to make them feel more like big insects- you stomp on them, but they still get up and crawl around". Frozen Soil will not prevent this, and Mantis revived in such a manner will not offer points towards your title tracks. However, the second death of such a creature will still leave an expoitable corpse.


  • "Nymph" is the scientific term used to define an invertebrate in the immature stage of development.
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