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Map & Checklist software

MappingOut is a popular offline map and checklist tool that helps players to locate elite skills, collectors (items requested and offered) and treasure chests (Nightfall only) that need to be obtained.

Among its features are:

  • A 100% revealed World Map of Tyria, including Eye of the North, Cantha, and Elona.
  • An elite skill list that shows the locations of all bosses with that skill - including conditional and alternate spawn locations.
  • Collectors are listed with their wares and what they request for them.
  • Greens are listed as well as their map location.
  • Ability to filter out boss and collector information based on a character's profession(s) or a particular attribute.
  • A checklist of elite skills captured - per character.
  • A list of treasure chests opened (Nightfall only) - per character, with a timer to revisit.
  • Pets locations appear on the maps to help locating desired pets for capture by Rangers.
  • An unlimited number of characters can be entered.
  • A Note stick-on feature, through the maps for reminders, particular observations, etc.

Latest version

Version 4.0


  • Eye of the North Dungeons.


Simple instructions are available at the official website (see the link below) by following the "Guide" link. No instructions or help files are included in the program download.

The program is periodically updated with new information, corrections and to reflect recent game updates by ArenaNet. Users must manually start an update, but the actual process is automatic. The program asks the user for confirmation of all actions.

External Links

  • Official website of MappingOut.
  • MappingOut user forums. This link goes directly to the MappingOut category of the programmer's guild website (in Italy). This forum area is international in use but predominantly contains English messages.
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