Species: Human
Profession: Armor crafter
Level(s): 20


Mateneh crafts ascended armor intended for level 20 characters with Core, Factions or Nightfall professions. All armor pieces have basic armor stats. Each armor piece has an empty slot for adding an insignia. Headgear includes an Attribute +1 bonus. The armor rating depends on character profession. All armor except for the Paragon crests costs 5 platinum and requires Rubies and Sapphires.

Label Armor Professions
Caster armor 60 Monk-icon-small, Necromancer-icon-small, Mesmer-icon-small, Elementalist-icon-small, Ritualist-icon-small
Light armor 70 Ranger-icon-small, Assassin-icon-small, Dervish-icon-small
Heavy armor 80 Warrior-icon-small, Paragon-icon-small


Armor Sets

Style Type Profession
Warrior-icon-small Ranger-icon-small Monk-icon-small Necromancer-icon-small Mesmer-icon-small Elementalist-icon-small Assassin-icon-small Ritualist-icon-small Paragon-icon-small Dervish-icon-small
Vabbian armor Body armor 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k
Headgear1 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 5k 1k 5k
  1. Excluding "no attribute" headgear.

Nightfall Armor crafters
Standard — MehinuPasuSuleeVatundoBurreh

Elite — AhamidMatenehPalmodKeeper of Armor

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