Mehtani Keys
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Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Istan
Kodlonu Hamlet
Mehtani Keys map
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General Information

Mehtani Keys is an explorable area in Istan consisting of a series of small, sandy islands surrounded by shallow water. There are several old structures in this area, including the famous statues at the monuments of Nahlah and Dhalah.

Outposts & Cities

Shrines and Blessings



Mehtani Keys

Note: The following quests are only available to Nightfall characters.






Monument Mehtani Keys

Momuments to Nahlah and Dhalah

Sunken Building

The Cyclone Palace

  • There are two monuments to Nahlah and Dhalah on the south-western and south-eastern edges of the Keys. They are most likely two of the monuments "left behind as remnants of a distant past." They also resemble the building in the loading screens while on Istan.
  • On the southern most edge, in between the two monuments, is The Cyclone Palace, the ancient residence of the royal family of Istan.
  • There is a shipwreck on the south-western island that was carrying a cargo of jade from the Jade Sea. There is also a Treasure Chest by the ship.
  • This area will yield approximately 2.3% toward the Elonian Cartographer title track.


The Sunspear bounties available in Mehtani Keys and which shrines they are offered at are listed in the following table. In Normal Mode, they are only available to characters whose level and Sunspear rank are equal to or less than those noted in the table. All bounties are available to all characters in Hard Mode.

Bounty Shrines Max Level Max Rank
Corsair Bounty West  ? Captain (5)
Mandragor Hunt Northwest  ?
Skale Hunt North, Southeast  ?
Plant Hunt East  ?

Hard Mode

Mehtani Keys

Vanquisher Mob Locations

  • To vanquish this area, you must kill 216 - 268 foes.
    • There are a number of Mandragor pop-up groups that can be avoided.
    • The quest The Lone Raider will provide you with 4 monks as allies that can make the vanquish a little easier.
  • Killing a large number of monsters can be made easier by letting them chase your team onto one of Mehanti Keys' many bridges (if there is one nearby). The monsters(which tend to stay in a group) cannot fit on, allowing your team to attack them with ease, barely getting hit. This does not work against corsairs as they can fit on. This works best with ranged weapons, like bows or wands.

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