Species: Human
Profession: Dervish
Level(s): 8...?

Headstrong Crusader

"You can push, but I will push back...only harder, much harder."

A dedicated foe of the leaders of neighboring Kourna, Melonni has the annoying habit of always being right.

Melonni is one of the the Heroes (customizable party NPCs) available in Guild Wars Nightfall. She is a member of the Order of the Sunspears.

Melonni's a headstrong young woman from a small town in Kourna, an idealist who's become a thorn in Varesh Ossa's side. The villagers of her homeland will never forget her, and with good reason. Melonni antagonized Varesh so much that the entire region is now under the watchful eye of Kourna's militarized government. As for Melonni, she has no regrets, because she always does what she knows is right. She sees herself as a woman who fights for what she believes in...even when no one else around her agrees.

When she left in search of adventure—or more precisely, left to protect her home from Kournan reprisals—many citizens were hoping that she'd never return. Deep in her heart, she knows that her decisions will be proven right in the end. For some unfathomable reason, she seems to be very concerned whether Koss understands the importance of her values. Melonni is slowly learning to pick her fights a bit more carefully, largely through trial and error, and she's courageous enough to finish the fights she starts. By the time she's ready to return to her home, she's hopeful that she'll be welcomed as a hero. If no one can accept that, she'll just have to show them the error of their ways.


Melonni starts with basic armor, including a Reaper's Hood, which is labelled as Sunspear Armor, but actually has a unique appearance which is similar to both Sunspear Armor and PvP Nomad's Armor. Her armor provides +1 Scythe Mastery and +25 Health, and has an AR of 10..70 depending on her level.

Default Skills


Melonni joins the party after completing the Signs and Portents quest.

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