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Mesmer Class

The Mesmer is an expert in indirect damage and control, specializing in turning the opponents tools on themselves: attacks end up damaging the attacker, spells interrupt the caster and companions, and hexes are stolen to be turned against the opposing team. Mesmers can also influence the enemy's actions by restricting, delaying, or preventing attacks or use of skills. Players wishing to create an effective mesmer must therefore become experts in the other professions.

Because of the steeper learning curve, many players are unfamiliar with the profession; in PvE, it can be hard for mesmers to be accepted into pick-up groups. The better players know, however, that even moderately skilled mesmers can turn battles quickly and decisively in the party's favor. Mesmers are particularly devastating in PvP and nearly every GvG will have at least one.

The mesmer's primary attribute is Fast Casting, which reduces activation time of both spells and signets. Their primary base armor provides an AR of 60, with +10 energy and +2 energy regeneration; they begin with a base energy of 30, regenerating at 4 pips. Many of their damage-dealing skills ignore armor, allowing the mesmer to devastate hardened Warriors and enchantment-protected Elementalists, as well as bypassing some of the innate protections of bosses and hard mode-buffed foes.

The patron deity of Mesmers is Lyssa.


  • Fast Casting (primary attribute): Each rank in Fast Casting decreases activation time of spells and signets by approximately 3% (but it does not affect non-mesmer skills unless the activation time is at least 2 seconds). There are only a handful of FC skills (mostly elites), which further speed up use of skills or add devastating side-effects when mesmer skills are used.
  • Domination Magic: these skills punish opponents for using skills: attacks are turned on the attacker, spellcasting forces the enemy to distract its allies, and interruptions cause potent side-effects, such as Area of Effect damage. Domination hexes also reduce the effectiveness of those same skills.
  • Inspiration Magic allows the mesmer to manipulate energy, stealing or draining energy from opponents, restoring the mesmer's health or energy, or increasing opponents energy requirements.

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