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  • Hi there, Gordon. Love your hero builds - they are really helping me out. But I have one question: do you happen to have a viable ecto farming build for a Assassin?


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    • I haven't seen him respond here, guildwiki, or gww in a long long while. I don't know if you'll get anything out of him or not. Have you tried looking on gwpvx for an assassin farming build of ectos? GW killed the ledge farming of topk, but there use to be runs (don't know if they still happen or not) going through topk doing full speed clears of all 4 levels, however that sort of died out I think. Not but about maybe 3 ectos per run for a full group. You'd be luckier doing UW and there is (or was) a speed clear group of them. I'd look on gwpvx (dot com) and see if there's any assassins for that speed clear. Think there are. - Ariyen

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