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The mesmer dance was not Helena's idea! But, apparently, she has no guts to post this on a fan forum, where her lies would clearly be refuted.

Bitterness and fame whoring are ugly ugly things.

Original Thread on GWO Mesmer

Forum Moderator's refutation of Helena

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No guts to post this? That's what I did, and the moderator's answer is what I got. Also, Mog admitted that I actually first came up with the idea, but then he still forgot me in the credits. That made me real sad, and he apologized afterwards, but I still was first to post the idea. No one believes me, and neither do you. I do not take credit for all the work Mog put into it, but that I actually posted a thread with the idea before Mog even saw it, then waited a while and nothing happened, and suddenly, whoa, someone reacted on my idea. And whoa, suddenly everyone totally forgot about me. All those who knows this is the truth understands why I added this skill, since it's like when that Röntgen guy stole Teslas idea about X-ray. I will never forget how incredibly easily I disappeared from everyone's minds.
Btw, that "original thread" is not the original thread. As you can see, his first post was posted 11-02-2006, 17:44.
This thread is the original one, started at 07-12-2005, 22:08.
And this thread is what I posted in the Mesmer forum instead of the Fan Art forum. The name, Helena's Mesmer's Dance, was the name the mod gave it when he separated me and Mog, started at 09-12-2005, 10:56.
So, the one you call the original one was posted 2 months after mine, which is why I gave up and left the thread after a while, to come back and find that everyone thought I had died or something, and simply took my idea and did something really great out of it.
No, it's not good to be bitter, but I still can't believe how fast everyone said "What a great idea, Mog!" and wondered who that pestering little girl was who just ran in their way.
Helena Ranger-icon-small 04:57, 20 May 2007 (CDT)
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