there appears to be code here from the GWLP:


Alternative project (originally posted in article) Edit

-- -- The following was edited by Mailea Tuck (GW in-game character) -- --

Your attempt at this project is pointless.

Yes, the old GWLP project is dead, and the project as been "handed over" to me.

The new project is named GWEP, for which the domain is

I just started working on it again, and am seeking dedicated people.

It will be entirely in C++ in the end. I am not looking for programmers, I am more seeking help on just about everything else.

I have an excellent plot for the entire game, though details need filled in. The PvE gameplay would be like no other MMORPG, I assure you. Almost all of the game will be custom content, but with original ArenaNet professions, along with two additional ones. We are considering starting the game out in Pre-Searing Ascalon in the past, a little before the time of the original Prophecies story.

And the GWLP code was purposefully removed; it was not due to an HDD failure. That code is useless and at the time the original author was not-so-experienced with C++ and coding in general.

GWEP will also feature more advanced graphics by overwriting the Direct3D draw calls, which I have most of the module layed out. I have successfully applied SSAO, for instance.

There has been long discussion concerning the two new professions for GWEP, which will be key in the story line. We think it would be an awesome new set of professions to add to the original set.

GWEP will not allow anyone to connect to the server unless you have an official authentic ArenaNet/PlayNC Guild Wars account with at least Prophecies on the account. The old GWLP authentication method was inferior and was easily faked. My algorithm for GWEP authentication is incapable of being faked. You must own an original authentic account to connect to GWEP, and only one official key set per GWEP account is allowed. Of course this requires us to hash the original keys on our server, but given ArenaNet's account security, and you are the owner and could easily prove it is yours if it were to be taken, you don't have to worry about anything anyways. Besides, they track various things anyways. If you cannot agree with these kinds of terms then just play the original Guild Wars game.

If you are interested in helping then talk to me in-game. All of my toon names have Tuck in it; Just add Mailea Tuck and send me a Whisper.

-- -- END Mailea Tuck --

I could go into a tirade about how you come off as a pompous dickhead who has an idea and think its the next best thing to sliced fucking bread. However, I will simply state the following: DO NOT CONDESCEND TO ME, JUNIOR. Especially when you haven't a shred of proof to back up your claims. Want me to believe you? How about posting screenshots or links to source tarballs that actually go somewhere. Hell, even an entry to your RSS would be nice, if I could actually access it, which I cannot, as I can't register, and therefore cannot log in. Also, for future reference, DO NOT EDIT ANY PAGE IN MY USERSPACE UNLESS IT IS A TALK PAGE. YOU GOT ME? Yes, I saw it in my watchlist, I am not an idiot. (Thank you, ishmael, for putting this crap in its proper place.) So before you try to condescend to me, boy, you had best be damn sure that you have proof to backup your claims.
Also, for future reference, I don't bring wiki shit into the game, or vice versa. If you want to talk to me, you talk to me here since you started it here.
In closing, yes, I am coming off as an asshole, but you asked for it. I could've been a lot more profane, I could've ripped your baseless assertions a hole so wide, the Grand Canyon would look like a damn pig wallow. However, I will be nice, and just leave you with this: Before you make any claims to me, you had best be ready to back them up. Dead links and a site with no content does not a compelling argument make. RHSig rede | beiträge 02:35, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

Wow... Sorry. Edit

I didn't mean to come off as a dickhead. I shouldn't of stated it that way. And yes, I do not have proof. There are good reasons to keep the site the way it is.

Yes, I realize some of the code on the original SVN is still present. Apparently it is impossible to completely remove the copies on Origo. Not even the owner can do it. Or we just haven't figured it out.

What I meant was that the old GWLP code is crap, and the original author admits it. I still talk to him about everyday. Him and a friend as recently developed more about the encryption that Guild Wars uses, though I was told not to share it, nor do I want to. Besides, knowing this is pointless for the project.

For the time being I am making the needed utitilies to more easily develop and maintain the project. The utilities are essential because of ArenaNet's terms. One such utility is a DAT profiler so it would be much easier to finish the work of reversing the DAT archive. Another utility is a protocol updater.

The reason why source was decided to be kept offline is for ArenaNet's sake. We do not wish to hurt ArenaNet et al. financially. Therefore, we don't support the hosting of a Guild Wars server that allows access to said server without the owning of an official account.

I do plan to release source later on. I highly support open software, and this is one of the biggest goals of GWEP. That is, to be an open source framework for similar projects, not only for Guild Wars, but for other MMOGs as well. I do share it with people I believe really have an interest in and do not wish to exploit the code. (In the past known individuals have used GWLP code to exploit GW negatively and thus were banned from GW.)

And I gave my in-game name for the arbitrary reader that may be interested.

I would like to give you details on the project if you are still interested in GWLP, GWEP, or whatever. My MSN is If you prefer IRC I can meet you there. Or if you use another messenger service I don't mind.

Hey, we all screw up once in a while. I'd suggest ya get an account here, I check this place almost daily for messages and whatnot. I can see keeping a few of those...special parts closed-source, but claiming that the authentication algorithm is either infallible or unbreakable is ... misguided. Think of the pirates who break the DRM on games within a single day of their release, sometimes even before. All it takes is a single dedicated individual with a few hours on his hand and anything can be broken. Even the authentication, closed-source or not.
Now, I'm not saying you should over-engineer it to the point of being ludicrous, but it isn't going to be unbreakable. Don't mean ya can't make it good. So long as it deters the average internet hood, you should be good.
Considering we're doing practically the same thing, maybe we could merge our projects. We can work in tandem via e-mail on those special parts, and using the SVN to work on the parts that can be worked on publicly. We can even recruit some homies to work on those public parts to speed things up. Whaddya say? RHSig rede | beiträge 07:18, November 29, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, and Ishmael happens to have a whole page dedicated to the GW.dat, if you're interested. Ishmael's GW.dat page. RHSig rede | beiträge 07:24, November 29, 2009 (UTC)

Three Things Edit

  • User:Shard from GWW reports taht the project is very much still alive. I cannot confirm thing 100%, but he states it has been renamed as well.
  • I have a copy of one of the older builds on my other HDD I could post, if needed. (And I'm buggered enoough to hook the HDD up and get it.)
  • As a bonus, you can find SOME older version of the build here
Curin Derwin 07:55, December 15, 2009 (UTC)
EDIT: After hastily posting my comment, I noticed that up top, my third bullet has already been stated. My bad. >_< --Curin Derwin 07:57, December 15, 2009 (UTC)

I am interested in your project Edit

Hey, I am Micky an administrator of the french Gwiki

I am very interested in your project because it could be more easy for us, to fill our wiki, with all the right on a private server. So I hope that the project is goign well et and I wish to hear some news from you.


Still working on the logging system on the frontend to make moderating servers easier and for general troubleshooting. If you want, you can look at the SVN and improve where ya want if you happen to be handy with C++ and Qt 4. RHSig rede | beiträge 18:25, January 17, 2010 (UTC)
Great, well actually I know nothing in all this stuff soI won't be useful, but I will follow attentively your project. Micky

Progress Edit

Seeing as there were some revisions of the old GWLP around that were able to emulate some of the world's maps and such (on youtube), are we close to this point yet or do we have a long way to go before anything like that appears on GWLP:R? Chrisworld 22:02, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

I'm actually still trawling through the original GWLP and the GW Client API looking for and documenting useful pieces, while also having to track through each functions dependencies making sure I have everything I need. To answer your question, however, yes, it probably will be some time before we can get back to a playable state. If you or anyone you know is able to glean anything from packet-capping GW, then by all means add what you've got to the discussion. The more information we have, the better. RHSig rede | beiträge 23:27, February 11, 2010 (UTC)
Ah, I know nothing about that stuff sorry mate. But its good to know there is at least someone out there who knows how to emulate this game. If you and a group pulled through with this and were able to make a functioning server we just might stop worrying about GW being shut down after GW2 comes out (which is still unlikely to happen) but still. If I knew anything about this stuff I'd help but I'm afraid I don't. - Chrisworld 03:37, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

Automated InventoryEdit

I left this comment in the Ask a Question area and was advised to visit here:

Any hints on parsing the data stream so that character inventory items and equipped items (as well as hero equipped items) and account Xunlai chest items can be scraped to a text file. I had been keeping it up manually for major items, but that is a pain. It is sometimes difficult to recall just which character/character hero has the nifty-uber item that you need right now!

Do you have any suggestions along this line? It would also be nice to be able to capture chat window to a text file. Separ 03:22, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

As i've been developing some stuff for this project, i'd say that its not impossible to read/decrypt and save the items your characters obtain. But it would take some time to analyse all the item-ids that are used. (btw, the GWLP server needs those too) The encryption/decryption algorithm is part of the old GWLP project. However, chat would be quite easy to capture (if you've got software to sniff and decrypt the guild wars packets), cause all chat messages have a similar structure. -cheers rusty (and yes, i am NOT ravynous hunter) 14:12, July 31, 2010 (UTC)
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