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Species: Human
Profession: Monk/Warrior
Level(s): 4..20

Mhenlo was born in Serenity Temple to a priestess of Dwayna and a priest of Balthazar. Although he was tutored in the magic of both these gods, he does not use any Smiting Prayers in the game. He is a member of the Heroes of Ascalon.


Lore from the official website:

Nation: Ascalon
Birthplace: Serenity Temple
Age: 22
Born in Serenity Temple to a priest of Dwayna and priestess of Balthazar, Mhenlo has been steeped in the teachings of healing and smiting magic. A devoted servant of both Dwayna and Balthazar, he has studied hard his entire life, and has been rewarded by both the gods of his provenance. But paying allegiance to two gods has not been without its consequences; without a clear path to follow, Mhenlo has a tendency to over-analyze situations and possible consequences, not sure whether to take the path of aggressive strength or that of defensive grace.
Mhenlo has spent much of his life inside Serenity Temple, paying homage to the old gods and studying the Path, which will lead him to enlightenment. He is rather timid as the story begins, not completely trusting of his magical prowess. But with Cynn's help he gains confidence and becomes more comfortable with his considerable power.

The lore is in direct conflict with Mhenlo's dialogue. In the dialogue, his mother worships Dwayna and his father worships Balthazar. Yet in the lore above, it was the other way around. This article reflects the in-game situation.

Mhenlo, NPC

In the Prophecies Campaign, Brother Mhenlo is one of the Monks of Ashford Abbey and is a Profession Trainer for new Monk characters. After the Searing, he can be found helping the survivors of Ascalon and, later on, making several other appearances with Devona, Aidan, and Cynn as the campaign progresses. Also of note is that there are several indications of a bond beginning to form between Mhenlo and Cynn, hinting at a growing romance, most notably in the quest The Wayward Monk and the above lore.

It was revealed in the Factions Campaign that Mhenlo was a former student of Master Togo of Shing Jea Monastery. Master Togo had sent a request for aid and Mhenlo readily traveled to Cantha to answer the call. His group of friends (Devona, Aidan, Eve, and Cynn) accompanied him. It would also later reveal that Mhenlo is on good terms with the Kurzicks as the group of friends traveled to the Echovald Forest to seek aid. This campaign would play up and provide stronger indications of his romantic relationship with Cynn.

The Nightfall Campaign also features Mhenlo and his friends, which implies that they have also answered Kormir's call for help. They would aid the Sunspears as they sought to avert an apocalypse.

Guild Wars Eye of the North confirmed his relationship with Cynn upon completion of that expansion.


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
Quests Given



Quests Involved In


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
1 only during the Caravan in Trouble quest
2 just before the exit to Pockmark Flats
3 just before the exit to the Eastern Frontier
4 only during The Deserters quest
5 only during The Wayward Monk quest
6 for non-Prophecies characters only
7 only during The Ascalon Settlement quest, right outside Lion's Arch
8 only during Into the Unknown quest
9 only during Welcome to Cantha quest for non-Factions characters
10 only during the Chaos in Kryta quest
11 only during the quests The Count's Daughter, The Convocation and City Under Attack
12 only during Finding The Oracle quest
13 only during To Tahnnakai Temple quest
14 only during the quest The Count's Daughter and the mission
15 only during entry cinematic and mission

Skills used

As a Prophecies or Factions NPC


Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies Campaign, Factions Campaign, and Nightfall Campaign.

Ashford Abbey "Greetings my child. Can I help you today, or are you here to offer your services to those in need?"
Lion's Gate "I'm glad you made it, (character name). It seems we've arrived just in time. My people from Ascalon have been given refuge here in Kryta and as such, we are all cleared to enter the city of Lion's Arch. We've managed to convince Lionguard Neiro to allow you access as well... it was easy when we explained how you've come to help us fight the threat of the undead in Kryta. When you're ready to enter the city, let Lionguard Neiro know."
Kaineng City "Keep your eyes open and your weapons at the ready, (character name). Thugs and pickpockets have plenty of places to hide here, and they will be more than happy to take advantage of you."
Bejunkan Pier
(during Chaos in Kryta)
"I was born in the far off lands of Ascalon, far to the north, on the continent of Tyria. It was once a thriving kingdom, but one day the armies of the Charr came and attacked our people. On that horrible day, they invoked a fearsome magic that destroyed our kingdom and left almost all of it in ruins... an event we call the Searing. While some of our people remained in Ascalon with King Adelbern to defend the kingdom against the Charr, many more joined with his son, Prince Rurik. Rurik left our homeland and crossed the treacherous Shiverpeak Mountains, home of the Dwarves, to reach the lands of Kryta. Though Rurik did not survive the journey, his courage and sacrifice enabled our people to find a new home near Lion's Arch. I have received word that a new threat has arisen and threatens all of Kryta, including the Ascalon refugees. Soon I must return home to answer the call and deal with that threat."
Shenzun Tunnels
during To Tahnnakai Temple
"Keep your eyes open and your weapons at the ready, (character name). Thugs and pickpockets have plenty of places to hide here, and they will be more than happy to take advantage of you."
Morostav Trail
during Into the Whirlpool
"It has been a long time since I studied under Mastar Togo at Shing Jea Monastery, but I have never had reason to doubt him. If he says we must bring the Kurzicks into the fight against Shiro, I believe him...and so should you. These Kurzicks are said to deeply revere their ancestors and the formalities of ceremony, so be on your best behaviour."
Divine Path "Though we lost Master Togo, we can take solace in the fact that his sacrifice was not in vain. Thank you for your valiant service. If you should ever have need of me, send word my way and I will come."
Consulate Docks "Greetings, (character name). Ahai, as they say here in Istan. We heroes have come from afar to answer the call for aid the Sunspears sent out to the world. Though Tyria and Cantha have their own problems, we will not turn a blind eye to the evil that threaten [sic] to swallow our neighbors here in Elona."
Throne of Secrets "Your courage is inspirational. May Balthazar bless you for what you have done in these lands, hero."

Mhenlo, Healer Henchman

Profession: Monk
Armament: Staff; Winged Staff in Factions

Mhenlo is a Monk henchman for hire in many locations across all campaigns except the Factions campaign.


Prophecies Nightfall
A located in all towns and outposts

Skills used

Prophecies Nightfall Eye of the North

Known Attributes


As far as healing goes, Mhenlo is undeniably more effective than Alesia (another Prophecies henchman) at healing. Even after taking some casualties, he can often keep the remaining party members alive long enough to finish off the current group of enemies.


  • Solid healer who, coupled with Lina, can sustain a party very well.
  • Often faster and more effective at healing than Alesia.


  • Very fragile.
  • Has the same resurrection issues as Lina. He will at times opt to resurrect when party members are taking heavy damage, resulting in one death becoming several deaths. Most annoying is that, at times, both he and Lina will attempt to resurrect the same fallen member, leaving a hench party completely without Monk support for the duration. Once they start using Restore Life, they will not stop until the skill activates, regardless of the fact that the dead ally may have been resurrected already.


- "My mother was a priestess of Dwayna, my father a priest of Balthazar. I walk a fine line between the teachings of both. I grew up in the shadows of Serenity Temple, and as anyone who had a similar childhood can attest to, there are advantages and disadvantages to having your spiritual well-being so closely monitored."
- "My mother was a priestess of Dwayna. She told me tales of a voice that speaks in the darkness of our dreams. I sense that voice now beneath Elona's surface. My father was a priest of Balthazar. He taught me what to do with nightmares. You fight them. And you never give in."
Eye of the North
Central Transfer Chamber "I'd rather have open sky above my head and moving air to breathe than be in these stale corridors and dark caverns."
Charr Homelands "I never thought I'd face the Charr again. Some things do not end until every enemy lies cold on the battlefield and the land is washed clean."
Far Shiverpeaks "The lands north of Ascalon are colder than I thought. Frigid with snow and ice. But the warm companionship of new friends makes it comfortable. I could get used to these Norn."
Tarnished Coast "I don't trust the Asura. How can anyone make friends with a race that spends all their time underground?"


Idle quotes
Shiverpeak Mountains
  • "Idle hands make for an idle mind. We should be moving."
  • "If my faith were shaken, one look at the Shiverpeaks would bring me right back around."
  • "The mountain folk have a belief in what they call the Great Dwarf. Imagine that. A single god. How foolish."
Ring of Fire Islands
  • "If ever we needed proof of the gods' fury, this is it."
  • "There are some things in this life that I just do not understand. This place is one of them."
  • "This place has been too long under the gaze of Grenth."
  • "What sort of creature would WANT to live here?"
Battle quotes
  • "By the might of Balthazar!"
  • "Dwayna take your soul."
  • "Into the rift with you, beast!"
  • "May your passing from this realm be swift."
  • "Say your prayers!"
Idle quotes
  • "Cynn breaks people. I put them back together again. I'm not sure if that's a good start to a relationship, but at least we have something to work with."
  • "Everything happens for a reason. We are all given purpose the moment we draw our first breath. Tell me... what is yours?"
  • "I thought Ascalon was the world, but then I found Kryta. I walked through the mountains and found Elona waiting for me. I wonder what lies across the waves?"
  • "It is so quiet here. If I didn't have the feeling we were being watched, I might like this place."
  • "We're not in Ascalon any more."
  • "You seem more than willing to kill for your beliefs. But tell me, are you willing to die for them?"
Battle quotes
  • "Balthazar's strength is my sword!"
  • "Be guarded by Dwayna's wings!"
  • "Consider it done!"
  • "I'm sorry, but you chose this path."
  • "Keep your eyes open!"
  • "Lead the way!"
  • "Light guides me, but darkness taught me to fight!"
  • "Lyssa, free him of these chains!"
  • "May Grenth protect your soul!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "Over here! We have them on the run!"
  • "Remember Master Togo, and fight in his name!"
  • "Take the strength of the stag, Melandru's gift to you!"
  • "When you reach the Mists, pray for us all."
  • "You will be cast down!"
Eye of the North
Idle quotes
Far Shiverpeaks
  • "All life is duality. Light and dark. Day and night. Good and evil. Mhenlo and Cynn!"
  • ""Come to the north," they said. "There are wonders to behold," they said. "It will be fun," they said. When will I ever learn?"
  • "Dwayna guides me through the darkness into the light. Balthazar strengthens me by setting dark places in my path."
  • "I have done so much in my life cycle yet I have not reached enlightenment. Perhaps the gods have higher things in store for me."
Charr Homelands
  • "A thin line divides good from evil in the psyche of a man. Your choices determine the path you take. Choose wisely."
Battle quotes
  • "As you travel through the Mists, dwell on your past mistakes."
  • "At the heart of the storm, there is silence. At the heart of battle, there is peace."'
  • "Balthazar strike down our foes!"
  • "Believe me, it is even colder where you are headed."
  • "Close your eyes. I promise it will be over quickly."
  • "Dwayna protect us!"
  • "Facing your own mortality is difficult. Let me help."
  • "Grenth will take your soul. Melandru, your body."
  • "I have ventured into the night and returned. You shall not!"
  • "Light is protection. For you there is only darkness."
  • "Make your peace with the gods now, before it is too late."
  • "May Kormir's truth set you free!"
  • "Perhaps your soul can be saved. Your body... that's another story."
  • "Too hot. Too cold. When will it ever be just right?"
  • "Your light grows dim."


  • He is also one of five henchmen who appear in all the campaigns and expansions so far (although technically, Mhenlo is not a henchman in Factions).
  • He uses the emotes of a male Ranger rather than a Monk.
  • The inside of the front part of his vest has the Sanskrit letter 'aum' and used to have the words Baptiste said "Full Chakra" written on it. "Baptiste" was the family name formerly given to Alesia.
  • Sometimes Mhenlo will refuse to revive party members if there are only henchmen left standing (currently this has only been experienced in Elona). In Prophecies, he has been observed to refuse to revive henchmen when they are the only party members around.
  • He can be seen from Lakeside County, standing behind the Ashford Abbey exit. Despite having the name "Brother Mhenlo", the skin is that of a standard NPC monk and his position is different from where he would be standing inside the actual Abbey outpost.
  • He appears in the Norn Fighting Tournament as an Invincible Monk.


  • Mhenlo is one of only four NPC characters to have an official write-up on

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