Misela Wahmeh
Misela Wahmeh
Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 15


Misela Wahmeh is the only daughter of Nehbawa Wahmeh. She is a kind soul dedicated to helping others.

Quests Involved In


Skills Used


"My father dedicated his life to helping poor and unfortunate souls here in Istan. I learned from him that a smile from one who has not known happiness is the greatest reward this life has to offer."

During quest Misela, the Middle Child:

"If we can recover my father's inheritance, I hope to use it to help the poor and hungry across Istan. It is what my father would have wanted. I will see that his legacy lives on!"

After quest Misela, the Middle Child:

"Ahai, <name>. It is a pleasure to see you again. You will be happy to know my father's inheritance has been put to good use. Right now we are building a school for children whose parents were slaughtered by corsairs. I only hope I can make some small difference in their lives, like my father did. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true."
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