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A mission in Guild Wars, is an expedition to perform a specific task within a closed mission area. Missions are accessed through mission outposts and are played in an enclosed explorable area. There are two ways to enter a mission. In Prophecies and Factions you have an Enter-Button in the Party-Window. In Nightfall and Eye of the North you enter the Missions through speaking with a NPC in the Mission-Outpost.

There are five different types of missions in the game:

  1. Cooperative Missions
  2. Competitive Missions
  3. Challenge Missions
  4. Elite Missions
  5. The Zaishen Challenges

Most people exclusively mean cooperative missions when they say "mission". Also, note that some players mistakenly call quests missions and vice versa.

Some cooperative missions prohibit actual cooperation in that they allow only single players to enter (→solo mission).

Mission outposts are identified on the world map by various styles of shield icons. Mission completion is indicated with dots. When zoomed out, missions display as gray dots, with incomplete missions and challenge missions displaying as flashing dots.

Mission Guides[]

This wiki has comprehensive guides on every mission in the game. Choose which campaign you wish to browse the guides for:

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