Species: Dredge
Profession: Collector/Monk
Level(s): 24


Molenin is a collector NPC in Sorrow's Furnace and in GW:EN he also appears in Umbral Grotto.



"Our oppressors have had their day in the sun. It is our turn to breath[sic] the fresh air of freedom. Aid me in my efforts to sabotage the Summit's machinery, and soon all of us will be free. I need 5 Enslavement Stones to carry out my plan. I can offer you one of the following items in exchange. What do you say? Are you with us, friend?"

Skills used

Collector Items


Location: Sorrow's Furnace
Collecting: 5 Enslavement Stones

Item Stats Value
Scroll of Adventurer's InsightFor 10 minutes your party gains +50% XP from combat. 100 Gold


  • Molenin acts as an allied monk to both players and enemies. Players who talk to him or remain in his vicinity can benefit from his maintained enchantments, although they expire when you go out of radar range. He favors Strength of Honor for melee classes and Rangers, and Watchful Spirit for other classes. However, he can be distracted by any undead minions, using Signet of Devotion on them.
  • He also casts his enchantments on Stone Summit foes that spawn near him. This can make this group a little tougher than usual.


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