Musako Tu'ro
Musako Tu’ro
Species: Human
Level(s): 2


Musako Tu'ro is a Canthan child who is often found close to the entertainer Yuimo the Mime.
She's mostly accompanied by her mother, Tanrieo Tu’ro.



"Mommy says I shouldn't want to be a Mime when I grow up, but I think it looks like so much fun! I practice all the time to be as good as the Mime in the market."
"Ohh pweeeease Mr. Mime, I promise I'll try not to talk this time!"
"Yay, thank you Mr. Mime!"
"Ooh, this is so much fun!"
"Can we come back and see Mr. Mime later?"
Bye Mr. Mime, I'll come visit you again soon!"


  • Her mother will sometimes come and get her, or you will see her bringing Musako to the location Yuimo is at.
  • You will not always see her or her mother. It is unknown if they follow a specific pattern.


  • It would appear as if Musako is the Gwen of the Canthan continent; although she doesn't follow you like Gwen, their personalities are very similar. Her mother could also be a Canthan version of Sarah, who is Gwen's mother.
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