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  1. Search the ruins of Fahranur to find where Nehbawa Wahmeh has hidden the family inheritance.
  2. Mutu Wahmeh must survive to recover his inheritance.
  3. See Healer Zenwa for your reward.

Obtained from

Healer Zenwa in Issnur Isles


Nightfall Character
Third Born



"[Difficulty: Master] Your decision to give Mutu Wahmeh the inheritance of the Wahmeh family will be final and binding. Are you sure you wish to do this?"
Accept: "I am certain. Mutu deserves the inheritance."
Reject: "I'm not entirely sure. Give me a moment to think about it."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Healer Zenwa)

"Nehbawa Wahmeh has hidden his inheritance deep within the ancient ruins of Fahrunur. This was to be his final test, to prove his child's worth. Your entire party will leave Issnur Isles and join the heir you have chosen, assisting in the search for the inheritance. Are you ready?"'
Accept: "Yes, let the search begin. I am confident I have choosen well!"
Reject: "No, I'm not quite ready yet. Give me more time to think on this matter."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Mutu Wahmeh: "Thank you for choosing me and for helping me search for our family inheritance. I am truly honored to fight beside such a noble Sunspear."

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Mutu Wahmeh: "We found it! Thank you, friend. I owe you more than I can express. My family will forever be in your debt."

Reward Dialogue

"I am happy you made it back safely! I see Mutu found his inheritance. Ahai! It is a blessing he truly deserves. I look forward to watching the young man grow, and seeing if he becomes as great of a man as his father. Thank you for helping us with this task, Sunspear. You honor us with your wisdom."


After taking the quest, Zenwa will offer to transport the entire party to Fahranur, after accepting, Mutu (a level 15 warrior) will be located a short way to the west. The path to the inheritance involves wading through hordes of undead. Bring weapons and spells to deal out holy damage to prepare. As for the path, just keep following the wall on the right, as it loops around. Kill the wraith to open the door to the inheritance.


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