This is an explorable area entry. For information on the location Nahpui Quarter, see Nahpui Quarter (location), for information on the mission Nahpui Quarter, see Nahpui Quarter (mission).

Nahpui Quarter (explorable)
Nahpui Quarter explorable
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kaineng City
Senji's Corner, Shenzun Tunnels,
Nahpui Quarter (location)
Nahpui Quarter map
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General Information

Area Name: Nahpui Quarter
Region: Kaineng City

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Exits / Neighbour Cities, Missions, Outposts


This explorable area actually only spans the eastern half of the actual Nahpui Quarter. It is a completely separate area from where Nahpui Quarter (mission) takes place (the western half).

The explorable area can be divided into three sections: North East, North West, and South. The three sections are only connected at the center of the explorable area.

The North East section is connected to Senji's Corner to the north. A Resurrection Shrine of Balthazar stands by that portal. It is free of enemies.

The North West section are the "high grounds" of the city, and is occupied by the Jade Brotherhood. At the southern end of the North West section, a bridge leads westward to a tall "island", where the Jade Brotherhood boss Royen Beastkeeper resides. Due to the much higher ground he stands on, his arrows have a long range and deal a lot of damage as players fight on the bridge against normal Brotherhood units guarding him. At the north western end of this section is a locked gate that connects to the Nahpui Quarter mission area.

From the center of the explorable area, a long ramp leads downward into the South section, which is at water level, and consists of many burning structures. The Am Fah hold this area. It leads to Shenzun Tunnels in the east. A Resurrection shrine of Melandru stands by that portal.

Most hostile enemies come in groups of four at level 20, so this area is generally not diffcult to explore. Beware however of Jade Brotherhood ambushes.


Typical Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood


The Jade Brotherhood

The Jade Brotherhood groups typically consist of the following patterns:

  • Group of 4: Knight, Mesmer, Mage, Ritualist
  • Group of 4: Knight, Mesmer, Mesmer, Ritualist
  • Group of 2: Knight x2

The Am Fah

Am Fah patrol groups typically consist of the following patterns:

  • Group of 4: Healer, Assassin, Marksman, Necromancer
  • Group of 4: Healer, Assassin, Necromancer, Necromancer
  • Group of 4: Healer, Assassin, Assassin, Marksman
  • Group of 4: Healer, Assassin, Assassin, Necromancer


Shrines and Blessings


  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 92-113 monsters in Hard Mode.
  • A group of four Am Fah near the ramp to the upper section of the area will not attack. This is also the case in Hard Mode. Be cautious when you approach, as typically there are 2 Am Fah Marksmen in the area. They will have laid several traps. Also note that the healer (if any) still uses Heavens Delight and Necromancer (if any) uses Death Nova.
  • The Nahpui Quarter mission must have been done by all party members in order to vanquish the area. If not, certain areas will be locked and the foes within cannot be reached.

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