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Nine Rings at the Dragon Festival

Nine Rings is a minigame that was originally opened during Dragon Festival 2006. The Shing Jea Boardwalk games reopen on Canthan New Years, Guild Wars Birthdays, Dragon Festivals, and on these one time events:

  • October 20 to 22, 2006 – Prior to the release of Nightfall.
  • February 23 to 25, 2007 – As part of Gamer Weekend.


Nine rings are organized in a 3 x 3 layout in which contestants may stand. Each round costs 10 tickets. Every eight seconds, one ring is randomly chosen as the winner. Players standing in that ring are awarded 25 tickets if it is the center, 40 if it is on the side, or 55 if it is a corner. Standing in a ring adjacent to the winning one awards 15 tickets.

After the ticket fee, the net winnings are this:

  • Center: 25-10 = 15 tickets
  • Side: 40-10 = 30 tickets
  • Corner: 55-10 = 45 tickets
  • Adjacent ring to winning one: 15-10 = 5 tickets

Teilah organizes games into groups of 19 rounds. Each full cycle takes approximately three minutes (186 secs) to run.


The odds of this game will return 17 for every 18 tickets spent regardless of which circle you stand on. If you are trying to achieve the Lucky title, it does not matter in which ring you stand. Standing on a corner circle will increase the rate of losses for those hoping to achieve both the Lucky and Unlucky titles simultaneously, but standing in corner circles also increases the chance of having to go buy more tickets earlier resulting from a string of bad luck.

See the Luck titles guide for details on time and gold requirements for achieving titles.

  Prize for Each Outcome
Chance of Each Outcome
Expected Prize per Round for Each Outcome
(A × B) = C
Expected Prize
per Round
(∑C = D)
Net Expected Cost
per Round
(10 - D)
Net Expected Return
per Ticket
Losing Winning
Losing Winning
Center 25 15 0 1/9 4/9 4/9 2.7778 6.6667 0 9.4444 0.5556 0.9444 = 17/18
Side 40 15 0 1/9 3/9 5/9 4.4444 5 0 9.4444 0.5556 0.9444 = 17/18
Corner 55 15 0 1/9 2/9 6/9 6.1111 3.3333 0 9.4444 0.5556 0.9444 = 17/18


  • If tickets are won, but the character's inventory is full, the tickets will be dropped on the ground and assigned to them, just like loot in an explorable area. After 10 minutes, any tickets dropped on the ground will lose their assigned status, and can be picked up by anyone.
  • Nine Rings will cost approximately 204 tickets (~3k) per hour or 4,903 tickets (~73.5k) per 24 hours to play, regardless of which ring you stand in.
  • Per 24 hours, approximately 7,845 points towards unlucky and 83,355 points towards lucky titles will be gained. Standing in a corner ring increases the amount of unlucky points you earn, but does not affect lucky.

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