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{{skill box qr bottom}}<noinclude>
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Arcane Echo.jpg Arcane Echo Enchantment Spell. If you cast a spell in the next 20 seconds, Arcane Echo is replaced with that spell for 20 seconds. Arcane Echo ends prematurely if you use a non-spell skill.
    15 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Arcane Mimicry.jpg Arcane Mimicry Spell. For 20 seconds, Arcane Mimicry becomes the non-form elite skill from target other ally.
    15 Energy 2 Activation 60 Recharge
Echo.jpg Echo Elite Enchantment Spell. For 30 seconds, Echo is replaced with the next skill you use. Echo acts as this skill for 30 seconds.
    5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
Epidemic.jpg Epidemic Spell. Spread all negative conditions and their remaining durations from target foe to all foes adjacent to your target.
    5 Energy ¼ Activation 5 Recharge
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