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North Kryta Province
North Kryta Province Photo.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kryta
Scoundrel's Rise, Nebo Terrace,
D'Alessio Seaboard, Lion's Arch,
Beneath Lion's Arch
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General Information

Area Name: North Kryta Province
Region: Kryta

General Description: North Kryta Province is an explorable area in the lands of Kryta, just outside of Lion's Arch. It is split in two around a ridge of hills that forms more or less the shape of a lowercase "y". To the west is a wide, open field, to the north is another open field and north of that is a beach, and to the east is a swamp. Those who Prince Rurik led out of Ascalon have set up a settlement around a hill located at the northwest point of this ridge.

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Outposts and Cities


North Kryta Province

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Points of Interest


North Kryta Province vanquished

  • The southwest exit acts as a resurrection shrine if a player dies within its range.
  • Vanquishers must defeat 171-248 monsters in this area.
    • Helpful quests to have active include Defend North Kryta Province (number of foes drops to ~140) and The Ascalon Settlement (you gain the assistance of 4 extra NPCs).
    • The southwest corner (green dots on map) is secluded and easily missed. A few units sometimes spawn there after you've left.
    • There are multiple, quick-moving Tengu patrols in the central-west area. Watch their patrol paths and pull carefully to avoid over-aggro.
    • Fire Imps can easily wipe a bunched-up party with Rodgort's Invocation. Spread out before engaging to diminish this threat.
    • Normally, there are no enemies on the yellow path, so you can save time by avoiding it. Occasionally, however, some Gypsie Ettins may spawn behind the Nebo Terrace portal, linked to the quest The Last Hog. If you have cleared the rest of the zone but the vanquish isn't complete, check to see if you have ettins there.
  • If you have already completed the first quest to get into Eye of the North in any campaign, you can re-enter the Crevasse at any time to repeat the quest.

Historical note.png Historical note: Before the release of Factions, this area was home to Seaguard Ekarus, who lived in a Luxon Settlement and who offered the quest, Destroy the Kurzicks!