Oberan the Reviled
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 2...23 Hard Mode

Oberan the Reviled, Pre-Searing

Before The Searing, Oberan the Reviled was a respected, if feared, member of Ascalon's necromantic order. He could be found deep within the Catacombs. The room in which Pitney's prized moa bird was sacrificed in some form of necromantic ritual is nearby, which implicates Oberan in its death.

He is also a profession trainer for Necromancers.


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"Greetings. I am called Oberan. Curses are my specialty. What can I elucidate for you young one?"

Oberan, Post-Searing

After the Searing the kingdom of Ascalon was thrown into disarray, Oberan took the opportunity to carve out his own kingdom of the dead from the ruins. This action caused him to be ousted from the necromantic order and started a number of necromancers, Kasha Blackblood in particular, on plans to be rid of his foul presence.

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  • Oberan's name probably comes from the mythical magician Oberon, brother of Merowech in Merovingian legend.
  • Oberan's name could also be a reference to Oberon, the king of the faerys in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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