Old Ascalon
Old Ascalon 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Ascalon
Ascalon City, The Breach,
Sardelac Sanitarium, Regent Valley
Old Ascalon Map
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General Description

Region: Ascalon

The area south/west of Ascalon City, once a beautiful land of green hills and lush foliage has been completely ravaged in the Searing by the Charr. This area encompasses most of what was once Pre-Searing Ascalon. It is now a rough and dry land with almost no plants, only rocks and a few thorn scrubs. Fresh water streams have turned into thick lakes of tar. All settlements lie in ruins.

Exits / Neighbour Areas


CityIcon sml Ascalon City

OutpostIcon sml Sardelac Sanitarium

Points / Objects of Interest

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The following quests start in Old Ascalon:

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Old Ascalon


  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in Old Ascalon you must defeat 184-314 monsters in Hard Mode.
  • Pop-up monsters do not count towards total count until triggered.
  • Generally the Northwest corner of this area can be avoided when vanquishing. Often the only monsters that appear here are popups, though occasionally a pair of devourers will spawn un-burrowed south of the ruins of Duke Barradin's Estate. The northwest corner consists of everything west and north of the red splotch on the map.
  • If the Southern edge of the map is Vanquished first, the Ascalonian Guards and their Captain can be recruited for assistance as you pass the entrance to Regent Valley.
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