Oola's Lab
Oola's Lab.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Dungeon
Levels: 3
Part of: Tarnished Coast
Magus Stones
Oola's Lab Map.JPG
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This dungeon is a lab of Oola's, here you'll find many many Golems and a few other creatures about. Mostly golems and traps are known to exist here. Oola is not fond of trespassers and prefers to be alone. On these maps, you will find where to go and how to navigate through here. Use it well. Be cautious of things that may block you and try to kill you or set you on fire. Many obstacles may be avoided by not entering, but if you severely wish for her staff... Seek with care and use your own guidance as to how to survive.

Getting There

Run and fight through the forest areas of many creatures to get here. don't forget you'll need Blimm for this! As Blimm can help you.



Death to a Sinner and others who dare trespass here.


Just cautiously use the maps as your guide to seeking out this person. She is not the kindest Asura there is, but once you do find her, you might convince her that you are not her enemy and seek her out on her knowledge, help, and golems. As you secretly might want to be a golem maker at heart.

Level 1, 2, & 3

Follow the advice above and you should do well. Seek, but do not fear adventure!

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