An Outpost is a type of staging area, smaller than a town, offering fewer services. Unlike mission locations, outposts will always offer something extra beyond the basic merchant and agent.

Typical outpost services

Services available at some outposts

World map appearance

Outposts are annotated on the World Map (default key "M") using different icons in different campaigns:

OutpostIcon FactionsOutpostIcon NightfallOutpostIcon TormentOutpostIcon
Tyria Cantha Elona Realm of


  • Some missions in Elona will have the outpost icon on the world map until a mission prerequisite quest is completed.
  • Outposts in Pre-Searing Ascalon do not offer Storage or Henchmen.

See also

  • Port - a town with access to travel between continents
  • Town - similar to an outpost with a more complete set of services
  • Mission location - similar to a town, but with minimal services and ability to start a mission

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