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Disambiguous.png This article is about the actual Palawa Joko NPC. For the entry of the actor NPC portraying him in Tihark Orchard (mission), see "Palawa Joko".
Palawa Joko
Species: Undead
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 24

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.

The undead lord of the Desolation, Palawa once controlled the valleys leading north out of Elona from his strategically positioned Bone Palace. Commanding hordes of undead followers raised from ancient tombs, he invaded Vabbi, intent on conquering it and using its riches to make himself even more powerful. After he was defeated by the great Kournan hero, Turai Ossa, his body is said to have been imprisoned beneath a huge stone plinth. Many villainous individuals have attempted to commune with the spirit of the Scourge of Vabbi. As long as his history lives on, people will remember his name . . . and as the saying goes, history is still being written.

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Skills Used

Bonus Mission Pack

Blood Magic 15


During Crossing the Desolation:

"I'm getting too old for this...."

During and after Gate of Desolation:

"I'm impressed by your confidence on the battlefield. Had you been on my side during the Battle of Jahai, perhaps history would tell a different tale."

During A Deal's a Deal:

"You miserable hunks of desiccated flesh! I leave you alone for a few hundred years and you let everything go to hell! Now that I'm back, things are going to be different."
"No, No, No! Mummified flesh on the left! Dried bones on the right! No, your other right! You worthless bits of animated anatomy!"

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According to the PC Gamer Magazine, some time between the Nightfall campaign and Guild Wars 2, Palawa Joko went on a new campaign and this time, he crushed his resistance. Now his forces, along with an ancient dragon, act as a barrier between the Crystal Desert and the Desolation. Perhaps his most staggering victory seems to have been the subjugation of Vabbi by diverting their primary water source and causing a major famine. He is confirmed to be a minor antagonist in Guild Wars 2.