The Panda was a Collector creature that appeared in Shing Jea Monastery during the 2008 festival Farewell to Gaile. It traded a Sugary Blue Drink, Hard Apple Cider, Champagne Popper, Bottle Rocket, or Sparkler in return for 2 Silver Crimson Skull Coins.

Charmable Pandas were removed from the game, presumably due to international relations (for example, in China, it is forbidden to have Pandas get into danger in video games). One full size Panda, named Ling Wong, is found in Factions as part of the quest The Red Frog.


  • Miniature Panda is a gold rarity mini given as a reward for the following:
    • Guild Wars Championship in Japan top 2 teams (up to 8 members each)
    • Taiwan region, 1~49th signup during first two weeks of Nightfall retail (49 were given)
    • Taiwan region Nightfall title contest prizes (61 were given)
    • Taiwan region GW 1st anniversary wallpaper contest prizes (10 total)

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