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A party is an adventuring group in Guild Wars, consisting of player characters, heroes, and henchmen. Parties can be formed in outposts through invitation or the Party Search panel. In PvE, they are limited to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 characters, including players, heroes, and henchmen; in PvP, they can total 4, or 8.

Many skills have an effect which targets "party members" or the "entire party." This is a significant distinction from skills that target "allies," which includes non-party members such as minions, pets, and NPCs.

Party formation

To invite someone while in an outpost, type (or paste) their name in the party panel and press [enter] or the [+] symbol next to the name field. Players can accept or reject an invitation; heroes and henchmen always accept. Heroes and henchmen can also be added via the party search panel by double-clicking each name (or selecting and press the add button at the bottom of the panel). Finally, you can also use the search panel to look for players interested in joining a Pick-up group.

Party mechanics

In outposts
  • Only the leader (the top name in the list) can invite, kick, or accept new party members.
  • Only the leader can recruit via the party search window.
  • Members can leave at any time by clicking on the [leave] button in the party panel or map travels to another town or district.
  • To enter a mission in Factions or Prophecies, the leader presses the Enter Mission button in the party panel. In Nightfall or EotN, anyone in the group may speak with the relevant NPC within the mission outpost.
  • If the group leader map travels, the entire party will travel to the destination outpost unless specific members have not unlocked it (in which case, the leader will have an opportunity to cancel the jump).
In explorable areas
  • If any party member crosses a portal, the entire party will zone to the relevant outpost or zone.
  • The way for the party to map travel together is for each player to use the /resign emote, after which the leader can click the dialogue button to return the group to its originating outpost.
  • If a party member map travels, they will leave the party and their name will be grayed out in the party panel.
  • The # symbol is the default key to use the team chat channel.

Party etiquette

  • Team chat can be used to organize cohesive team builds as well as strategies.
  • Let your group know (via team chat) if you have to go afk or especially if you must leave the game during a quest, mission, or pvp battle.