Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"Those... dreadful... corsairs took my beloved away from me. He died fighting them somewhere at sea. Oh, my poor Wehsehlei... how I miss him! Can you help me? I hoped to buy his freedom, but I have no coin. The only thing corsairs understand is gold. If you bring me 5 Gold Doubloons, maybe I can use their own gold coins to buy my Wehsehlei's freedom. In return, I'll gladly give you:"

Collector Items

Pehtigam Map



Location: Barbarous Shore, to the southwest
Collecting: 5 Gold Doubloons

Item Stats Reqs. Mods. Value
Feathered Flatbow Piercing damage: 15-28 9 Marksmanship Damage +15% (while Enchanted)100 Gold
Ether Staff Energy +10
Chaos damage: 11-22
9 Energy Storage Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15% (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Crimson Claw Scepter Dark damage: 11-22 9 Soul Reaping Halves skill recharge of Soul Reaping spells (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15% (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Channeling Focus Energy +12 9 Channeling Magic Received physical damage -2 (while Enchanted)
Health +45 (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Spawning Staff Lightning damage: 11-22 9 Spawning Power Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15% (while Enchanted)
100 Gold


  • The dialogue is self-contradicting. Wehsehlei was supposed to have died, yet Pehtigam is looking to buy Wehsehlei's freedom.
  • Wehsehlei seems to be a reference to Westley, of William Goldman's 'The Princess Bride'. Buttercup refers to Westley as her beloved. In the story, Westley supposedly died at sea, murdered by the Dread Pirate Roberts.
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