Perfect Salvage Kit
Perfect Salvage Kit
Subtype Kit
Rarity Rare
Value 0 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Eye of the North
Uses 5


Double-click to salvage upgrade components or crafting materials from an item. While using this kit to salvage out upgrade components, the item you are salvaging from will not break.



Main article: Salvage

Unlike Expert Salvage Kits, which have a chance of breaking the item you are salvaging from, using a Perfect Salvage Kit guarantees that the original item will not break. This is useful when you want to apply a new upgrade component to a weapon or piece of armor, but you also want to save the original component (instead of losing it by applying the new upgrade on top of it).


  • Hero armor is already unbreakable, thus it is unnecessary to use a Perfect Salvage Kit on it.
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