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Petra Brauer
Petra Brauer.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Petra Brauer briefs the players on the Altrumm Ruins mission.



"Luxons have invaded the Zu Brauer Amber Mines. [sic] Even as we speak, these despicable jade dogs are pilfering our amber! To make matter worse mantises, wardens and strange mole creatures have been caught in the act as well!
The guards are have all been slain. Please help me!"
What do you want to know?"

What must I do?

"Thieves have been breaking into our amber mines and making off with our amber! We need you to collect as much amber as possible before the thieves get to it. If they catch them trying to sneak off with some amber, kill them and take it back. [sic] Do whatever it takes! Reinforcements are on the way, but you must hold out until they arrive. It goes without saying, the more amber you retrieve before they join you, the better!"

Do you have any advice for me?

"1. Slay the bosses to receive a morale boost.
2. Obtain morale boosts to increase your time.
3. Use movement buffs to reach the amber quickly."


  • Petra Brauer is the only Kurzick who wears foreign armor, specifically, the same armor style as Canthan Guards.