You are unable to return to Pre-Searing Ascalon after entering the Academy. Use of this checklist will make sure you get all that is needed, before you leave. Almost everything can be obtained later, but it usually is more expensive.

Check Box Items

Check Box Belt Pouch traded from Brownlow or Humphreys
Check Box Tapestry Shred from Gwen Cannot be obtained later! (This item is used for a quest in the Eye of the North expansion)
Check Box Charr Bag from Charr bosses north of the wall. They are dropped as a green item and hold up to 10 items.
Check Box 50 gold for Storage Chest
Check Box Starter Armor (if your primary profession is a monk, you can use this for 600/Smite farming)

Check Box Quests

Check Box Tithe for Ashford Abbey (Devona) to obtain a skill point reward
Check Box Adventure with an Ally (Lina the Healer) to gain the Resurrection Signet

Profession Quests

Once you have chosen your Secondary Profession, complete the quests available to you (limited by your primary and secondary professions) for an easy way to get some basic skills and experience. It is also beneficial to complete all available secondary profession quests before deciding on a final choice, as this will give you valuable experience towards leveling up.

Check Box Elementalist

Check Box The Elementalist Experiment
Check Box The Supremacy of Air

Check Box Necromancer

Check Box The Accursed Path
Check Box The Necromancer's Novice
Check Box The Power of Blood

Check Box Monk

Check Box A Monk's Mission
Check Box Protection Prayers
Check Box The Blessings of Balthazar

Check Box Mesmer

Check Box A Mesmer's Burden
Check Box Domination Magic

Check Box Ranger

Check Box A Test of Marksmanship
Check Box The Ranger's Companion
Check Box Unnatural Growths

Check Box Warrior

Check Box Grawl Invasion
Check Box The Vineyard Problem
Check Box Warrior's Challenge
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