1. Meet Poturi on the Plains of Jarin.
  2. Confront the corsair threat.
  3. Retrieve Poturi's sword.
  4. See Poturi for your reward.

Obtained from

Poturi in Sunspear Great Hall


Nightfall Character



"The other recruits mock me! They claim I dropped my sword and fled during last night's raid... but it's just not true. I dealt my enemy what was surely a fatal blow... but the filthy corsair ran off with my blade still in his back!
Help me track him so that I may reclaim my weapon and my honor, would you?"
Accept: "I'll give him another wound to match!"
Reject: "Find him yourself, backstabber."

Reward Dialogue

"It is good to have my own sword back. No one will dare mock me now. Thank you, <name>!"


Meet Poturi on the Plains of Jarin, just outside the Sunspear Great Hall. With him, follow the quest marker in direction of Champion's Dawn to a place on the southern coast of Jarin. Here you will find a large group of 10+ corsairs. One of them is labeled "Wounded Corsair" (he is squatting). Kill him, then open a nearby Corsair Chest (no key is required) to retrieve Poturi's Notched Sword. Hand it over to him and you're done.

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