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  1. Meet the Sunspear squad at the Cliffs of Dohjok.
  2. Kill all the mandragor in the quarry.
  3. See Quarrymaster Bohanna for your reward.

Obtained from

Quarrymaster Bohanna in Champion's Dawn


Nightfall Character
Quarry Quandry



"Oh, <name>. Good to see you again. Are you here to take care of the queen? What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, it seems that after you left Miner Tonabanza, a mandragor queen emerged and took over the quarry. I asked the Sunspears to send help, so when I saw you I assumed you were the help they sent. Maybe they're heading straight to the quarry. Could you go give them a hand and kill that mandragor queen so we can get back to work?"
Accept: "I could easily squash a bug on my own, but I guess I'll let the others help."
Reject: "It's probably just protecting its eggs. Have you asked it to help you mine?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Captain Vander)

"You're here to help us kill these mandragor and their queen? Well, I think we can handle it on our own, but since you've been to the quarry before, why don't you show us where to find these things, and then we can all take a whack at them."

Reward Dialogue

"You got the queen and all the other mandragor as well? That's great news. Now maybe we can get back on schedule. My reputation was at stake, you know. Oh, and all those miners are safe now, too. Well done. Here, take this. You deserve it!"


Simply exit from Champion's Dawn into the Cliffs of Dohjok and follow the quest marker to the quarry area and kill the group of mandragors there. The group consists of four level 7-8 Mandragor and a level 12 Mandragor Boss called 'Mandragor Queen'. Once that group is dead, return the Quarrymaster Bohanna to claim your reward.

Alternative: Start from Jokanur Diggings and just go straight to the queen and kill it. You will still complete the quest without having to talk to anyone.


  • The 'Reject' option for this quest is a reference to the Horta from the Star Trek science-fiction series.